Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some pictures from the summer

One day after church

This was at Charlie's friend Baker's birthday party. Lilly is trying to decide whether or not she wants to ride the horse...

She decided yes!

Charles and Charlie on the horse...this was Charles' first time on a horse

He had so much fun that he wouldn't let any of the other kids ride

One morning in the sprinkler...who knew adding the element of balloons would add so much fun?

Lilly will be such a good mama one day!!


SBC said...

How sweet, Marty! SG is going to need that dress when Lilly grows out of it :) What a fun picture of Charles on the horse- you'll have to bring him and kiddos out to Leland one day this fall and we'll all ride horses around the pasture. love and miss ya'll :)

lsadler said...

LOVE these pics. Were those maxi pads she was putting on that baby?